About Hippy


The new Hippy car freshener by MA-FRA: Spring is back!

Hippy is the new car air freshener by MA-FRA guaranteed to make you smile every time you get into your car. Every time you breathe in its exclusive colonial fragrances you will feel surrounded by the atmosphere of a bygone era, which nonetheless lives on in the freest of hearts: a breath of fresh air heralds the return of Spring!

Hippy is the scented rubber Daisy by MA-FRA, made of safe, guaranteed next-generation materials and designed to slot easily into your car’s air vents.

The name Hippy embraces the values of a generation that changed the world, and that lives on in the echoes of impassioned atmospheres.

MA-FRA offers a modern-day take on these values, in a breath of fresh air that will rekindle the Hippy age with its new car air freshener: Flower Power, Imagine Peace, Love Freedom, Nature Trip, Heaven’s Door and Summer Of Love can still change the World!

So Hippy is not just your usual air freshener, but something totally different: a stimulus to rekindle forgotten dreams, a small glamorous object destined to become a real collector’s item. One breath is all it takes and you’ll be dreaming of a new springtime.

Give your car the gift of a flower: give yourself a dream that is rekindled every spring!