Q? Is Hippy only suitable for use in the car? 
A. Hippy is an ambient air freshener: its design makes it ideal for the car, but not only … pop it in a vase at home, in the office… or wherever you fancy! See the section MyHippySoul for countless ideas and original solutions!

Q? Where can I find Hippy?
A. You can buy Hippy in major large-scale retail outlets: Coop, Carrefour, Bennet, Conad, Norauto and Bricofer already have the delightful MA-FRA Daisy on their shelves.
Hippy is also sold at car washes which stock MA-FRA products, and in all good service stations.

Q? Can I buy Hippy over the Internet?
A. Certainly. To buy Hippy, simply visit the MA-FRA eShop. To buy Hippy click here:  Hippy

Q? How did the fragrances come about?
A. The fragrance lasts an incredible 6 weeks… 6 weeks of happiness!
Q? How did the fragrances come about?
A. Great attention was devoted to the choice of fragrances and colours: long-lasting and carefully selected colonial fragrances reflect the spirit of the project!
The scents are the result of a careful blend of fragrances used in perfumery. An exciting new proposal for the car market, these fragrances are certainly the most sophisticated and original available on the market today: a real revolution!

The available fragrances are:
Below are details of the daisies available:
• Flower Power – pink daisy – Spiced Rose fragrance
• Imagine Peace, orange daisy – Citrus fragrance
• Love Freedom – bright blue daisy – Vanilla fragrance
• Nature Trip – green daisy – Floral fragrance
• Heaven’s Door – pure white daisy – Sweet fragrance
• Summer Of Love – bright red daisy– Aromatic fragrance

Q?Is Hippy Made in Italy?
A. Hippy has been designed and made entirely in Italy. For further information, click here:  Made in Italy

Q? Where did the idea for a fun air freshener in the shape of a daisy come from?
A. We had the idea for the new Hippy car air freshener during a meeting with the creative director of a major international communications agency. If you want to find out more, click here: Perchè Hippy?