Made in Italy

Hippy is 100% Made in Italy: from the drawing board through to the finished product!

This adorable air freshener is the result of great Italian design: the simple lines of a daisy, adapted to meet the needs of customers and their cars.

It’s not just the concept that is 100% Italian, as the production materials too are all Made in Italy.

The special rubber employed, which can withstand both high and low temperatures, is an exclusive Italian patent, and the 6 different fragrances teamed with the various colours are also Made in Italy. All elements of Hippy’s packaging too, just like the display materials, are Made in Italy: safe and guaranteed.

MA-FRA, the Italian company with almost fifty years’ experience in the Automotive sector, is proud of this achievement: a product 100% Made in Italy… From the drawing board to the end product on the shelf!