The product

Inspired by the spirit of the ’60s, Hippy by MA-FRA is a scented flower available in six different colours, with six individual fragrances.

Nothing on the market compares to Hippy: this simple, adorable little flower is radically different and is now set to conquer the car market. It’s a revolution in the automotive sector.

Thanks to Hippy you will be able to breathe in the atmosphere of the ’60s: with all the simplicity of a smiling flower!

Hippy is a fun, new, unusual air freshener: made of next-generation scented rubber, it is suitable for both the car and the home, and for all sorts of different interiors. This innovative air freshener is safe and guaranteed.

Numerous stringent tests have confirmed its resistance to both high and low temperatures: Hippy is ideal all year round, from summer through to winter.

Its unique selling points are not just the original, fun design, but also its extended product life of around 6 weeks and the durability of its innovative rubber which is unrivaled on the market. A brand new, top quality product 100% Made in Italy: a safe, guaranteed product by MA-FRA.

Bright and cheerful car air fresheners, with names inspired by the atmospheres of the best of the ’60s and colonial fragrances that last an incredible 6 weeks: 6 weeks of happiness!

Hippy takes the shape of a delightful daisy. A simple flower with no thorns that grows wild in fields and meadows and smiles at the World.