Why Hippy?

The new Hippy car air freshener is the result of an idea that came to us during an in-house creative meeting. During discussions, we asked our creative team how we could go beyond the idea of an everyday air freshener for the car, seen as a cold and impersonal object, merely a practical car accessory, and turn it into something different: something more important… Much more important… In line with the new MA-FRA spirit.

We asked them to come up with a product that conveyed warmth and was able to make people smile. The MA-FRA creative team eagerly took up the challenge and proposed a brightly coloured flower made of innovative rubber, complete with high-end fragrances.

The minute we set eyes on it, we were enchanted by this simple air freshener: the longer we looked at it, the more we smiled. So we believed it had what it takes to be the first product of the new MA-FRA generation: an innovative product that’s proud to be different. Visionary!

New products inspired by original ideas. Products designed and made to allow clients to express their own personality in their cars too. So we set to work and as soon as the packaging was finalized, we chose the name Hippy.

The name came to us almost like a vision!

A brightly coloured, sweet-smelling daisy was the spark that rekindled the moods of the ’60: the freedom, the style and the dream of an era that changed our culture forever.

And so we embarked upon our journey into the “Hippy World”.